Mental illness and social theory

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Putting Theory into Practice: The Heart of Mental Health Field Work

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The terms “mental illness” and “mental disorder” normally refer to conditions such as major unipolar depression, schizophrenia, manic depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder. –––,“What A Theory of Mental Health Should Be,” Journal for the Theory of Social Behavior, 6: 61– Differing sociological perspectives of mental health and illness can be linked to theoretical contributions from Durkheim, Weber, Freud, Foucault, and Marx (social causation, labeling theory, critical theory, social constructivism, and social realism, respectively) but sociology in general, and.

Focusing on the case of mental illness but drawing from theories and studies of stigma across the social sciences, we propose a framework that brings together theoretical insights from micro, meso and macro level research: Framework Integrating Normative Influences on Stigma (FINIS) starts with Goffman’s notion that understanding stigma.

meta-model: factors in numerous risks (events, situations, characteristics that lead you towards mental illness) and protective factors (leads you away from mental illness); so if have more risks than protective factors, more likely to get a mental illness.

Therefore the aims of this essay are to firstly examine the problems of the psychiatric approach and how social theory has provided a useful evaluation of how mental illness, rather than existing as real and observable illnesses which psychiatrists must find and treat, could actually be.

An understanding of the theories that shape and define mental health policy and practice is essential for every mental health nurse.

Labeling theory

This book gives you the knowledge you need to understand those complex and varying theories, concepts and approaches.

Mental illness and social theory
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