Procedural justice and order maintenance policing

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Procedural Justice and Police Legitimacy

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THE HIDDEN COSTS OF AGGRESSIVE ORDER-MAINTENANCE POLICING K. BABE HOWELL* based on social psychology in the area of procedural justice, and (3) the many of the unintended and undesirable costs of aggressive order-maintenance policing can be.

There is tension between the core tenets of procedural justice and those of order maintenance policing. Research has shown that citizens' perceptions of procedural justice influence their beliefs. There is tension between the core tenets of procedural justice and those of order maintenance policing.

Research has shown that citizens’ perceptions of procedural justice influence their beliefs about police legitimacy, yet at the same time, some order maintenance policing efforts stress frequent stops of vehicles and persons for.

procedural justice influence their beliefs about police legitimacy, yet at the same time, some order maintenance policing efforts stress frequent stops of vehicles and persons for.

A police chief who is familiar with the concepts of legitimacy and procedural justice and the research behind these ideas, and who works to incorporate these concepts in the practice of policing in his or her department, will generate feelings of goodwill and support for the police.

Immigrants are often less trusting of police than non-immigrants because they can feel ill-served by police and the laws they enforce. Procedural justice policing has been regarded as central to improving public trust and confidence in police. Using survey data from citizens exposed to the world’s first randomized field trial of procedural justice policing (Queensland Community Engagement.

Procedural justice and order maintenance policing
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